Since 1984, the farm has been a pioneer of conservation-tillage and has influenced many commercial farmers to transition to some form of reduced tillage. The farm has also demonstrated a rotational grazing system for many years, where livestock are integrated into the cropping cycle by grazing on the crop residues. 

Now, with the rise of regenerative agriculture being witnessed across the world, and significant groundswell from interested farmers, ART has endeavoured to transition the commercial farm into a working model for exemplar regenerative agriculture in Zimbabwe. Long-term independent trials compare numerous management strategies and products, as well as a cropping system critical trial which compares conventional vs regenerative practices. 

ART is home to a Regenerative Agriculture Committee, which consists of prominent figures in the community, and aims to spearhead the introduction of regenerative practices to the country. Some of the projects include the creation of a guide to Regenerative Agriculture, partnering up with organisations internationally, and sourcing funding for research and education initiatives.